ōNLē ORGANICS The Nurtured Mama
ōNLē ORGANICS The Nurtured Mama
Sarah Bennett

Welcome to ōNLē ORGANICS The Nurtured Mama

A place for mamas to gather where we nurture our families, heal our guts and cultivate self love.♡

What is The Nurtured Mama?

The Nurtured Mama is a lifestyle membership. Kind of like a box meal service but significantly less expensive and empowers you to make your own simple meals with real foods. You get my cookbook; Recipes That Nurture Gut Health, a simple menu plan, detailed shopping list, lots of tips and tricks, monthly recipes and access to a monthly zoom gathering. And now, a huge bonus is exclusive access to this private community of intentional mamas.

Motherhood is a lot. It is so beautifully hard and we don't need to do it alone. This is a private and intentional space where we are all safe to be true to our mama hearts. No judgement, criticism or negativity. Just love, support and encouragement.

Why You Should Join This Tribe

If you are a mama looking to deepen your intuition, nourish your family and connect with mamas in all different stages of motherhood this is a special community for you. 

+ you get access to private offerings like mama self-care rituals and mini courses created by my children for yours. ♡

About Me

Hi! I'm Sarah. A wanderlust dreamer trying to figure out motherhood every single day. Together with my loving husband we are raising our four children in the wild of Montana and traveling the world.

A little over seven years ago I gave birth to my second child. I was completely caught off guard when shortly after birth he developed extreme eczema, his poop was really sour smelling and was sometimes full of mucus, he couldn't sleep, was extremely uncomfortable and our life was a total mess. My mama heart felt so scared for my baby. I tried every elimination diet, took him to see every kind of doctor under the sun and was always told "he is perfectly healthy!" or "here, this steroid cream will heal him right up" or "this must be a reaction to your breastmilk" or "yep! This is a solid case of colic, don't worry. It's normal, just wait it out."

It took us two and a half really hard years to learn that it was all due to a gut imbalance. Once we balanced his gut bacteria all of his symptoms disappeared. But it wasn't magic - we had to change our lifestyle. In our journey I became deeply committed to learning everything I possibly could about gut health and only feeding my family foods that nurture healthy gut flora. 

We have managed to create a gut nurturing lifestyle that is so simple we are able to implement it no matter if we are living in our little airstream, in our home in the Montana wilderness or in a van in Iceland. As a family of six, we don't even question it. Of course we honor our gut health because now that we live this way we feel so incredibly good and there is no reason we would every change. We are literally sacrificing nothing to live in this optimally healthy lifestyle. 

I am on a mission to share this amazing level of living with families. If you are a mama who prioritizes your families wellness I invite you to join. I have written a cookbook that is exclusive to this membership and publish two new recipes monthly. I am honored to share my knowledge with intentional mamas who are looking to cultivate a gut nurturing lifestyle for their families.

I help mamas tap into their intuition, implement simple steps to identify gut imbalance and give the tools on how to naturally rebalance the gut.

I am passionate about normalizing motherhood, natural wellness and the power of manifestation. I am through and through an introvert and suck at small talk. Take me straight to the intimate details and I come to life. I love connecting, inspiring and empowering mamas and cannot wait to chat real deal stuff with you inside!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for exploring this tribe. Sharing my passions about gut health, nourishing foods and mama self-care is a dream come true. And the more mamas we have the richer our community. Collectively we make this space magical.

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